Delivering Beyond Expectations.


We are a Grade G7 registered contractor authorized by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia, permitting us to undertake projects in relation to constructions, more specifically those of civil and infrastructure, mechanical and electrical, interior designing, and facility management, without limit to the sum of contracts.

Initially involved in construction, we begin specializing in civil and infrastructure constructions such as renovation works, building maintenance, construction of concrete structures, roof trusses, and low-rise buildings. During that time, we have also possess vast experience in water works supply which covers drainage works, as well as roadwork ranging from premixing, milling and resurfacing. Other minor involvements are interior designing of both residential and commercial properties.

Currently, we are actively involved in the provision of integrated facility services and infrastructure maintenance which is a complex and comprehensive management of several facilities within an infrastructure. The processes are executed in a strategic and systematic manner to ensure maximization of our clients goals and objectives effective and efficiently.


Our automotive arm comprises of track records of over 4 years in satisfying motor vehicle users from both the government and private sector.

What’s available at our automotive hub? A holistic experience with 33,000 square feet premise comprising of in-house 34 working bays, 13 body and paint repair bays, 1 inspection bay and 20 units of two-post and scissors hoist. And, these are handled by a team of qualified personnel in ensuring one thing – fixing it right. 

It is rooted strongly within our beliefs that our customer’s interests and satisfaction are what drives us forward. This translates to value maximization for every penny spent on our services. 

Since 2018, we have also been actively been involve with the maintenance and repairs of government-owned vehicles, particularly those of the defense sector. We believe it is our responsibility as a Malaysian citizen, and corporation as a whole, to contribute to the welfare of the country by provision of products and services that are align with the nation’s interest and welfare.


Industrial High-Grade Diamond Abrasive

What contributes to the sustainability of our construction arm is also our active involvement in the upstream management of our in-house supply and trading of construction materials such as saw blades, diamond saw blades, diamond wheels, and diamond core bit.

We are amongst the trading house for local engineered and fabricated saw blades, diamond saw blades, electroplated diamond tools, diamond segment, diamond core drill bit, and cutting blades which are used mainly by our construction as well as oil and gas industry clients. The range of application varies from heavy reinforced concrete to marble and ceramics.


Fresh Foods & Dry Goods

Fast forward to 2019, we have further expanded our operations to the trading and supply of food supplies particularly fresh, dried and frozen foods/goods. The supplies are initially stored in rented and portable cold room before our expansion of both company and subcontracted cold rooms throughout Semenanjung and East Malaysia.

In 2022, we have also begin our trading of REM for local and export markets. Both our deep quick freeze and room temperature ready-to-eat meals are ready to be savoured immediately and/or self-heated with ZERO compromise on the taste, nutrition, and safety. These meals are ideally for army personnel, people on the go, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and even stored as emergency food supply.


Textile and Apparel

Despite being the smallest division within our company, it is nonetheless amongst the notable ones as we strive to provide bespoke services on made-to-order cloths and apparels. There is no other like our enthusiasm in fine and premium textiles made affordable to consumers. 

Our extensive source of supplies mainly comes from Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, and Turkey. We even provide services for sourcing and special orders for textiles specially requested from any country of our customers‘ choice.


Licenses & Certificates